With the term Educational Methods we refer to:

What we offer to our Scouts. Our Youth Program. Each and every unit plan, organizes and evaluate their weekly activities. This is based on our National Youth Program Policy.

 Adult resources. Our adult volunteers are to ones to deliver the Youth Program to our young members.

The Youth Program is at the heart of Scouting Antiano. A high-quality, engaging and contemporary program gives our association means to sustain and grow our membership, as well as to motivate and inspire our adult volunteers. Our Youth Program is evolving so we can ensure that our Youth Program meets the needs of young people in our local contexts and offer them opportunities to develop and grow as individuals.

Scouting Antiano could not exist without the hundreds of adults, all of them volunteers, who support the Movement by performing a wide range of roles and functions – from camps for Cub Scouts to leading National Scout Organizations. Their dedication and commitment has enabled thousands of young people to experience Scouting and play a constructive role in their communities. They are the backbone of our Movement.