At Scouting Antiano, we believe in the power of community and the impact it can have on shaping the future. Our association, guided by a set of principles outlined in our constitution, and educational proposal, welcomes individuals from all walks of life to become a part of our mission to create a better world. Whether you’re a youth seeking adventure, an adult eager to make a difference, or someone with a passion for supporting Scouting, there’s a place for you within our organization.

Our Membership Categories

Youth Members

These are the heart of our organization. Youth members are the recipients (clients) of the Scout Programme. We group them according to their age into different sections, providing them with a platform for personal growth, adventure, and fun.

Youth Leaders

Our adult volunteers who take on the role of leaders in various Scout groups. They mentor and guide our youth members, instilling values, skills, and a love for adventure.


These are adult volunteers who play vital administrative and management roles within our association. They ensure the smooth operation and growth of Scouting Antiano.

Old Scouts

If you’ve been an active Scout in the past and wish to stay connected and contribute when possible, you can join as an Old Scout. You’re a valuable resource, offering your experience and expertise to benefit our current members.

Donors or Friends of Scouting

Not everyone can actively participate, but you can still support our mission. You can contribute financially or volunteer your time for specific tasks or activities, helping us continue our work and expand our impact.

Support Scouting in Any Form

Not interested in becoming a formal member? No problem! We appreciate every form of support. Whether it’s financial contributions, volunteering for specific projects, or simply spreading the word about Scouting Antiano, your involvement is valued.

How You Can Contribute

Financial Support

Your donations enable us to provide life-changing experiences for our youth members and support the growth of Scouting Antiano. Donate to our bank account 87222903 at MCBank, Vereniging Scouting Antiano.

Volunteer for Specific Tasks

If you have skills or expertise you’d like to share, we have various projects and initiatives where your assistance could make a significant difference.

Spread the Word

Help us create a better world by raising awareness about Scouting Antiano. Share our mission, events, and achievements with your network.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to get involved with Scouting Antiano or have questions about how you can contribute to our mission, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We welcome your enthusiasm and support in our shared journey towards a brighter future.

Join us at Scouting Antiano and become a part of something meaningful. Together, we can create a better world, one adventure at a time.